This is me, Belinha Fernandes. I'm Portuguese. Bem vindo! Welcome!

What to find on this blog

- News about New Products on the Store
- Tips about Zazzle Stores promotion
- Zazzle Stores to discover
- Zazzle Products showcase
- Posts on Portuguese Culture and Traditions (Food, art, music, places...)
- Posts about Portuguese issues of interest
- Freebies
- Occasional giveaways
 ...and more!

Legal stuff, copyright and products

In this blog I highlight A Portuguese Love Store products and also products from Zazzle Store's associates. I will receive a percentage of sales in the form of royalties if any one purchases A Portuguese Love Store products. Should any of my visitors purchase any of the associates products highlighted here I will receive a percentage of the purchase value in the form of referral fees.

All copyrights relating to the designs featured in this blog belong either to me or the associates I choose to promote. You may not copy or reproduce it whether for personal use or for profit. I have permission to do so as I am a member of Zazzle Affiliates program.

If you buy a product from A Portuguese Love Store I am responsible for the design/illustration you’ll get in the final product. If the product does not please you in some other aspect I cannot be responsible for it as I have no control over production or shipping.

If you buy an product from an associate i am promoting and become dissatisfied with the purchase I cannot be hold responsible if you are not pleased with it. I pick associates products according to my personal taste although I try to highlight and suggest best buys to the this blog visitors.

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